The Cosmic Cafe: Play Games, Win Books!

Welcome to the Cosmic Cafe! 
This page is devoted to 'fun stuff' pertaining to the fictional worlds of my novel Ring of Lies and my Spectral Savannah short stories. 
So come on in, help yourself to some sweet tea and sample some pralines and key lime cookies. 
Relax, the Cosmic Cafe is a 'no calorie' zone!

 The Hangman game below is linked to If you register at fReado, (it's FREE!), every time you play my games, and the games of other authors, you will accumulate points which can be used to win FREE BOOKS! If you get enough points, you might just win an E-READER! Cool, huh?

I currently have two games on Paranormal Sites in Savannah, based on the locations featured in my Free Read Paranormal Post stories, and Beatles Tunes. Of course, you know why I made a game featuring the Beatles ..., don't you?

I'll be adding other cool things to this page so stop by often; you never know what I'll think of next!