Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Much Ado About ...

Thanks to Facebook's new 'rules' I can't offer contests via my author page any more so, the only solution I've come up with is to use my newsletter. While not the most consistent newsletter publisher, lol I haven't managed one yet!, I am trying to put the first one out in early July.
So, if you haven't already, how about clicking the link above and joining the newsletter list? I'll be offering goodies from time to time and maybe a preview of stories I'm working on, aside from that, I've no idea what to tell you the content will be, but I'm sure they won't be flooding your inbox!



  1. Hi Rachel (waving)!!

    When is your next book coming out? When you were at BVS, you mentioned compliling all the Paige Stewart/Stewart family stories into a novella. Have you completed that effort? I'm really looking forward to reading it, especially since I didn't learn about you until the end of your blog tour at BVS and missed out on a lot!

    Thanks, Karen C

  2. Hi Karen!
    Thank you for reminding me! Something else I need to address in my newsletter :)
    I actually got bogged down with some things so Paige's stories won't be ready until September but I have a new short story coming out July 18th. I'll try to remember to post it here, making mental note, but I'll definitely be posting about it on my facebook page and in the newsletter. I also need a name for the Paige stories ... any suggestions?