Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bring on the Guinness and Grits!

Everything is in high gear here in Savannah. All the hotels in the historic district are at capacity and the hotels in surrounding suburbs are near No Vacancy status. The city has granted numerous new restaurant and bar permits and crowds are filling the streets: St. Patrick's Day Weekend is upon us and it looks like we'll have record crowds. Since numbers are usually in the 150k range I'm afraid to ask what 'record' means!

I had all intentions of attending the parade tomorrow; but then I read the paper and saw that 'record' forecast. I might have still braved the hordes, a sacrifice I was willing to make for my followers :), but this morning, my nine year old daughter woke up with a fever so ... no three hour parade watch for us!

But take heart, I can still blog about the parade because joy of joy, our local TV station will cover the whole darn thing! Yeah, no need for me to suffer the crush of bodies and grid lock traffic.

Starting tomorrow at 10:30, I'll be posting updates and pictures of the parade (how? why TV screen captures :) and I have some friends who are braver than I!) and telling ya'll a bit about the history of the Irish in Savannah; might air of bit o' dirty laundry too!

To celebrate St. Pat's, I'll also be giving out some pretty cool gifts.
A Copy of Ring of Lies is up for grabs,
of course ;)

Recipes of Savannah ...
Two people will win Palm Roses

Savannah Scenes beverage coasters and notepad

Five gifts to celebrate Ireland's patron Saint! So, don your green and grab a Guinness and hang out with me!


  1. Top o' the mornin' to ye, Rachel love. Already our office has been comparing their green clothing articles or lack thereof. With a forcast of 60+, my wardrobe lacked a temperature appropriate garment, so I'm sporting a lovely paper shamrock. 'Fraid I can't handle the Guinness, but a little Irish Coffee would be quite suitable thankee! Er, green grits? Well, a girl has to draw the line somewhere.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to ye all!

    Denise Golinowski

  2. 'and the rest of the day to yourself' ;)
    I just posted some pics for you on my FB page; enjoying my GREEN GRITS!