Saturday, February 12, 2011

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

Very happy to have my friend Maeve Greyson visiting today and super excited for her too; her very first book will be released February 18th!

Depending upon the individual, Valentine’s Day is almost right up there with Christmas. A day highlighting love and romance –what more could a romance writer want? Looking back over my married life, I’ve discovered my appreciation of Valentine’s Day, as well as my definition of romance has changed.
Before I go any further, I feel I should preface this post with the confession that my husband and I only knew each other about three months before we married. Everyone accused of being crazy. We were –crazy about each other. They said it would never last but after thirty-one years, I think we’ve proven them wrong. I now return you to the intended post.
In the early years of our relationship, I yearned for the traditional trappings of Valentine’s Day as proof that my growly bear truly loved me. Hubby’s the strong, gruff type. If he likes you, it might take a while to realize it. If he doesn’t like you, he’s apt to tell you to head straight to hell. We’ve been working on that last part. *sigh* Gotta love a man who speaks his mind when he’s irked.
Sorry to get side-tracked but you’ll need this information. Anyway, in my naive years, I felt I needed the syrupy cards, heart-shaped boxes of candies, or vases overflowing with sweet-smelling flowers as testament to his love. Some years, he remembered. Some years –he didn’t. The “didn’t” years were usually lean years where we were trying our best to cover all the bills. In my silliness, I scolded him, saying he could’ve at least written me a sweet note to let me know how much he cared.
I’m happy to say, I’ve outgrown those years. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the gifts or the lovely notes. Believe me; I’ve never turned one of his presents down. But we’ve reached the stage in our relationship where our love is comfortable…and understood. One of the greatest gifts he gave to me didn’t cost a cent.
I have a bit of a heart condition, most of the time it behaves. But at one point, the contrary thing decided to give us a little scare. The ambulance rushed me to the hospital. Hubby followed behind in the car. They preferred he didn’t ride with us since they had to work on me during the ride. When we arrived at the hospital and they lowered the gurney out of the back of the ambulance, I’ll never forget the look on his face. My grumpy old bear, the one who rarely shows any emotion, stood on the sidewalk waiting for me, tears streaming down his face. He trotted along beside the gurney, his blue eyes over-flowing. Those tears meant more to me than any material possession ever could. They were priceless.
What about you? Do you like Valentine’s Day? Do you have something lovely planned for that special person in your life?

By the way, did I mention I’m a romance writer? My debut book with The Wild Rose Press, BEYOND A HIGHLAND WHISPER, releases on February 18th. A beguiling Scot from the 1400’s, Latharn Mackay is cursed into a crystal orb when a seductive witch rages against his withheld love. But there’s hope. The woman destined for him can break the curse by whispering her love aloud. There’s just a few minor problems to overcome. Nessa is six hundred years in the future and Latharn can only visit her dreams with a silent presence. If he speaks, the curse will shatter his soul into bits. And then there’s still the matter of the sorceress. You know an enraged woman is going to have the final say…unless love proves more powerful.

In honor of my upcoming release, Rachel and I thought we’d run a little contest. If you email the correct answer to the following question:
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Now, I’d like to end my rant by thanking Rachel so very much for inviting me into her “cyber” home. You’re the best, Rachel. I appreciate your hospitality!

You are so very welcome Maeve! Now, I'd like to know what does Valentine's Day Mean to ya'll? I will confess that I don't "do" Valentine's Day, (I know, a romance writer, it's sacrilege!)


  1. The answer is... *hiding it with my hand so no-one else sees* Jasper : )

    Maeve! Your debut novel?!! For some reason I thought you had HEAPS out already. Probably since your writing is so good (eg: writing with the stars). Well - super big congrats then!

    I know what you mean about not "doing" Valentine's Day Rachel. We're the same in our household. Maybe something to do with littlies running around, time and spare moola : )

    Your hubby sounds like mine Maeve, but I wouldn't change him for the world. There is something so sexy about the strong, silent types though, and when they do tear up - it means so much more.

  2. What a sweet, sweet story. Sniff.
    Best of luck with BEYOND A HIGHLAND WHISPER, Maeve. I must confess, I didn't realize it was your debut, either! Best wishes to you...and...

  3. Maeve, I'm very touched by the story of your husband's tears. What a tribute, lady. As for your writing partner, I'm just hoping you didn't hide his squeaky toy again. It's Jasper!

  4. Hahaha! Good job, LaVerne, and thank you so much for you sweet words. They warm my heart more than you know. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Jasper and I both thank you, Taryn! He's beside me with his nose propped on my laptop, reading? everything I type. ;-)

  6. LOL! Trust me, Miriam, green squeaky toy is alive and well. Jasper bounced it off my chest this morning to wake me up. How long does it take for those things to wear out? Sheesh!

  7. Your hubby sounds like a wonderful man! I enjoyed the post. And I've been looking forward to reading this book. BTW, the partner is Jasper.

  8. What a sweet man (you don't have to tell him though). And what a cutie JASPER is.

  9. Of course it's Jasper! He loves you too--dropping bones on your keyboard, frolicking in the fresh laundry...

    That was a sweet story. Scary--because the same thing happened to my dh, but I was the one on the sidewalk with the tears. I bet your husband will never forget that. I won't.

    As far as something planned for Valentine's Day... *Shh...* I'm taking my husband (and kids) today an hour north to a castle--a real castle! There's a tour and a restaurant. Great post!!

  10. Whoo hoo, Victoria! A real castle? That's awesome. I hope you post lots of pics. Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by.

  11. Thanks Calisa! Hubby is a sweetie but even after all these years, I like to keep him guessing. We women have our ways, don't we? ;) And Jasper said thank you very much too!

  12. Yep. You are correct, Gale! And I really appreciate your kind words. :)

  13. Valentine's day means I'm getting an ereader. Now, that's love.

    Just kidding, very nice story Maeve :o)

  14. Wow! I step away to post my virtual Savannah tour on LASR's Valentine's Day blog and ya'll visit, but that's alright, Maeve is a great hostess! I can't wait for Beyond a Highland Whisper. If her blog posts are any indication of her writing abilities I know it is going to be GREAT!

  15. LOL! Melinda - I think an ereader for Valentine's Day would be awesome. After all...what better way to enjoy romance 24/7? ;)

  16. You are TOO kind, Rachel! And by the way, I loved your Savannah post. Everyone needs to hop over and read it. :)

  17. Woo Maeve! Release date is almost here. Jasper is your bud and V day is every day at our house. I want to win a copy of your book.

  18. I know Jeannene! The closer it gets the more excited I get - if that's possible. Thanks for stopping by.


  19. MAEVE--I love a good love story. And yours--your real life one--is one of the best. When a man and a woman are right for each other it usually clicks right away--I don't understand couples who "date" 8 years before he finally "pops the questions"--as if it was a real surprise.
    I won't even tell you how many years I've been married--you'd be shocked. But lest you think we're elderly--wipe that word off the map!--he still makes the coffee every morning and brings me my first cup.He asks me every morning--"you all right this morning?" Talk about a man of few words.Maybe our marriages are strong because we struggled for every thing we have--together. I fear for young couples who are given everything right off--not good for a marriage at all.
    I enjoyed this--Celia

  20. You said it so well, Celia! I agree completely that struggling through the lean times helps a couple's bond grow stronger. Thanks so much for stopping by. :)

  21. Congrats on your release. Wow, I thought you had a ton of books out already! I'll have to check this out. :)

  22. Oh my God, our lives are so muc alike. I married my husband after knowing him for three months. There were people at our wedding actually betting we wouldn't last a year. They all lost. 23 years for us this year and I'm still crazy about him. Congrats on the novel. On Valentines day, I like the things that don't cost anything. One of my favorites was when he cooked dinner and we played manopoly in front of the fireplace.