Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Most Romantic Date?

Valentine's Day: the flowers, the candy, the lingerie, the Date night.
I've already confessed that I don't "do" Valentine's Day. I fully acknowledge that I'm a strange breed of romance writer that doesn't like or need the societal trappings of romance, but I didn't tell ya'll that my husband kind of does.
Yesterday, our home school group held a Valentine's party for the kids at a friend's home on Tybee Island. It was a glorious day here in Savannah. The temperature topped out in the low seventies, the sun was shining, the skies were blue, the breeze off of the ocean was balmy; in short, a perfect day.
I took the kiddo out to the island, coveted my friend's residence four houses from the beach, and enjoyed a few hours of adult conversation surrounded by gently swaying palms before heading back across town. I'd already told my husband not to spend money on overpriced flowers, though I LOVE roses, my daughter had told Daddy she had no more room for giant teddy bears, and no one in the house needed to consume any more chocolate. He was miffed; he always buys us roses, candy, and stuffed animals. Since his nose was out of joint, I compromised and suggested we, all three of us, visit a new favorite Mexican restaurant in Bluffton, SC. for a family Valentine's Day date.
He left work early, all ready to make the 45 minute drive to Fiesta Fresh; he actually beat us home. The problem was, Punkin' and I were exhausted from our trip to Tybee. she fell asleep in the car and I just managed not to! I pulled in the drive and zombie walked into the house, informed him someone, other than me, would have to carry the Punk to her bed, and made a beeline for my PJ drawer. He grumbled that we were supposed to be leaving for our dinner date a little and then plopped the Punk down on my bed and decided he'd take a nap too; you know I didn't argue, I was already in my PJ's!
Our family Valentine's Day dinner date turned into a family nap punctuated with brief moments of conscious viewing of old westerns. I woke up long enough to make a homemade pizza which was consumed picnic style on the bed whilst watching Have Gun Will Travel. Along about 8pm my husband "whispered" to my daughter that Mommy had, once again, not provided any dessert; have I mentioned the fact that my husband ALWAYS whines that I have nothing for dessert? I'm forty pounds lighter, that's why there is nothing sweet in the house!
Punkin', being a healthy and normal nine year old, also joined in the 'whining', so I relented and made the suggestion that we turn the aborted family dinner date into a family dessert date. Punkin' immediately yelled, "Leopold's!": I think it was a set up!
We threw on some clothes and headed to Leopold's Ice Cream shop, (you can find out about the famous Leopold's here), and enjoyed our flavors of choice: chocolate raspberry for my husband, vanilla waffle cone for Punkin', (which always manages to end up on her lap), and caramel swirl for me.
In the end, Valentine's Day was spent with the people I love most, doing nothing at all: you can't beat that!

Sooo, what did you do for Valentine's Day?

*Oh! Leopold's is right around the corner from The Olde Pink House restaurant and Paige Stewart's story on the 25th of February will be set there, so I grabbed the camera and started snapping pics of the exterior. On the side of the house is a glassed in bar and I asked a server standing near the door if it was the bar reputed to be haunted. He said no, and took me around front to another door and ushered me into the "haunted" one. I'm excited to report that The Olde Pink House staff are wonderful and they let me snap pics of assorted haunted areas, one of which isn't in a public area, so Paige's story will be accompanied by some great pics!

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