Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday!

February 7th is a special day ... My mother, my aunt Evelyn, (who was the inspiration for my heroine in Ring of Lies' eccentric aunt), and my friend, author Maeve Greyson!

In honor of so many birthdays I'm simply asking everyone a question. What is the best or most memorable birthday you've ever had? Or remember anyway!

I would like to start things off by telling a fabulous story of personal birthdays past, however ... soooo many birthdays to remember for one so old :)
Off hand, one that comes to mind is my 23rd? Somewhere around that time! I was living far from home, with a guy that I had no business being with and who couldn't have cared less about anyone but himself, (yes, I know. You're wondering why I was with such a jerk. What can I say? Young, female brains often short circuit when it comes to men!)
Anyway ... I was working as an executive assistant at a small construction company. Because of the afore mentioned jerk, I had very little disposable income and, when I moved away from home he had convinced me to have a yard sale, (with my things), to give us some extra money. One of the biggest sellers was my book collection. I had hundreds of books, mostly my historical romances that had earned a spot on the keeper shelf. I must have mentioned my longing for those books during a lunch break with my co-workers because on my birthday they surprised me with a stack of new releases from my favorite authors!
That meant so much to me. Not only had they bought me my beloved books but it showed that they'd actually been listening to me, a wonderful feeling when your life is being spent with a self-centered idiot.

So, there's my tale, what's yours?
PS. I wised up not long after that birthday and ditched the fool. About a year later I found the one I was supposed to be with and my happily ever after (most of the time!) has continued for 14 years :).


  1. Lovely post, my friend! And thank you for the birthday wishes. I think the most memorable birthday I remember was a couple of years ago when our power had been knocked out by an ice storm and we had to survive with generators and kerosene lamps for two weeks. Yes. I am a whiny pioneer. On my birthday, the electric crews finally managed to restore power to our area. Returning to the 21st. century was the best present I could've gotten!

  2. Happy Birthday Maeve!! One of my favorite birthdays was when i turned 40 and i pulled out of my garage in the AM to find a huge sign on the garage door, Happy Big 4 - 0, Tara. There were similar signs all over the neighborhood posted by one of my most mischievous friends. : )

  3. Happy Birthday, Maeve.

    My most memorable was when I turned 23 and my then boyfriend surprised the heck out of me and proposed. To top it off, he had a gumball machine ring (I later learned he had to put over $5 in the machine before a ring fell out!). He wasn't being cheap, he wanted me to help pick out the real ring. I gotta tell ya, I love my wedding rings, but I wouldn't take any amount of money for that gumball ring! To this day (14 1/2 years later) it has a special place in my jewelry box!

  4. The first birthday I remember clearly is when I turned four or five -- not sure anymore -- and I remember standing at the door of our house in Connecticut watching my friends (they lived next door) come down the hill to our front door. This was the first birthday, I believe, where I had a party and guests. Before that it had been just me, my sister (two years younger) and my cousin (one year younger).

  5. ACK! So wrapped up in revisions I missed your birthday Maeve! Forgive me and accept my brightest wishes that you have/had a beautiful day without me. Happy Brthday Maeve, Rachel's mom and heroine inspy aunt (my mil's name was Evelyne)!!!!

    Most memorable birthday? My 28th. It was the first one I allowed family to celebrate after a disastrous 22nd. My three girls, very young, hubby, and in-laws brought the cake. Very lowkey and nice. Until that year I refused birthday recognition and I realized my girls were unhappy about it so I let them have a dinner for me at home. Each year after they made a huge banner across the living room for me for years following. Now, with such busy lives of their own, I'm lucky if they remember to say those three words on the right day. lol

    Although- the mechanical bull ride youngest dd and niece talked me into this year was pretty awesome!