Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Resolute? Who Has Your Back?

Blood Diamond: Dodging an angry warlord and running through the rain forest in Congo Brazzaville was not what Jillian St. James expected when she signed up with Doctors Without Borders. Yet that’s exactly what she gets after a mysterious visit from her brother.

Mercenary Mack Nichols doesn’t have much faith in humanity these days. When a beautiful young doctor denies being part of the theft of a blue diamond from his client, he doesn’t put much stock in her story.
Neither have reason to trust the other and their mutual attraction is an inconvenience to both. A betrayal and the reveal of an evil plan pit these two against an army. Can they put aside their doubts and work together to bring down a corrupt, power-hungry overlord or will their chance at love be over before it ever starts?

I'm so happy to welcome my friend Riley Quinn to my humble cyber abode. Riley has given my a "hostess gift" that I'm passing on to you; one lucky commenter will win a copy of Blood Diamond!
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(And lest you think me odd, I got the idea from Suzanne Johnson's wonderful blog, Preternatura! :)

Hi Rach, thanks for having me today!
Every January, most people start out the new year by listing goals they want to accomplish or things they want to change. Of course, I’m talking about resolutions. Other people choose to NOT make resolutions, stating they’re temporary, ineffective, etc.
The important thing, to me at least, is the setting of goals. Working towards goals gives us a sense of purpose. When we achieve them, we feel accomplishment. When we set new ones, we feel excitement and the wealth of possibilities.
So here we are again, the beginning of January. Are you one of those people that makes resolutions or that doesn’t? How’s that working for you so far?
I’m kind of in the middle. I set goals, but I don’t call them resolutions. I know, I’m a rebel.
Last year, I set a goal to finish a romantic suspense novella for The Wild Rose Press as part of their Jewel of the Night series. I had just recently come up with an idea after stewing for a couple of months. I’d even written the first chapter. It was a goal I wanted to complete, but I found myself faltering.
Then I sent in the beginning pages to a critique group run by Roses Colored Glasses. In return, I received the pages for another story that I just knew was for that same call. So when I returned the critique, I asked the author. She responded that yes, she was writing for it and over the course of several emails, we decided to work together.
We emailed each other about plot ideas. We did writing sprints with each other over AIM. When I had trouble connecting with my characters at one point, she helped me figure out my problem. Over the course of three months, we both helped each other write our stories.
Who was this, you ask? Why, our own Rachel Lynne. Both of our stories were contracted. Mine – Blood Diamond came out December 1. Hers – Ring of Lies came out December 22.
I bet by now you’re probably wondering what the point of this story is. Well, here it is.
Goals, resolutions, whatever you want to call them, can be achieved if you have a good support system. We don’t have to tackle them all alone to be considered accomplished. We also don’t realize how just the right word or action at just the right moment might help someone on their own journey. So don’t be afraid to encourage someone. I’m a firm believer in karma or pay it forward, or whatever you want to call it.
We’re all on this journey of life together. It’s much more pleasant if we travel together in harmony than fight each other along the way. The Universe is full of abundance. There’s plenty of good stuff to go around!

LOL, thanks Riley! And speaking of 'Good Stuff', one lucky commenter will win a copy of your book, Blood Diamond and, they have Five ways to increase their odds!

Here's an excerpt of Blood Diamond:

“Are you all right, Jillian?” The husky timber of his voice sent another shiver through her, this time having nothing to do with fear.

How could she be aroused after being scared so bad? Especially with a man like this one, a man who worked for the General. She was one sick puppy.

“Jillian?” A hand came down on her shoulder and she jumped.

Finally lifting her head, she ignored Mack and trained her attention on the log where she’d been sitting. As recognition set in, her entire body began to shake and her heart pounded so hard, she feared cracking a rib. Dear God. There where she’d just been sitting lay a yellow-green snake with ridged scales and green eyes that matched its body staring sightlessly ahead.

She swallowed, trying to wet her dry throat. “Is that—”

“An African bush viper? Yep. I think in the firelight, your hand must have looked like dinner.” Though the snake now lay dead, Mack’s voice still sounded strained.

She stood on shaky legs. “I didn’t even see it there.”

“I’m not surprised. It had coiled its tail around the branch overhead and dropped from there.”
If he hadn’t seen the highly poisonous snake, she’d be dead right now. She launched herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck and burying her face in his throat. She heard a thud and then his arms were around her, surrounding her in a blanket of safety. For the first time, she thought maybe he really would keep his promise.

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Blood Diamond is available at The Wild Rose Press and


  1. Great job, Riley, and Rachel. You are so right about partnering with other writers or assembling our support team. Even sometimes when our writing is in need of heavy edits, it's great to have the cheerleaders on the side. And when we're ready to submit, having those critical, but loving eyes, on our work helps us to make it shine. It is a great community we have here, made greater every day by talented ladies like you both.

  2. Thanks for hosting me today, Rachel. It's funny how we got started working together last year at this time has come full circle. I feel fortunate that we connected the way we did.

  3. Hey Riley--great to see you here on Rachel's blog! Both of your titles are teetering on my TBR e-stack but I had no idea you'd worked in tandem. What a great idea to keep each other motivated!

  4. Hi Riley, great post! I'm feeling very frazzled this year and it's only January. It's great to have the support of other writers. Blood Diamond is on my TBR list.

  5. Ok, I left a comment here and ... it's gone! No idea :)
    Anyway, Thanks for stopping by ya'll. I loved working alongside of Riley; she is very motivating and much more dedicated to keeping her butt in the chair than I am! We've talked about doing it again because the holidays kicked her out of her habits and me? Well, I'm still trying to develop a habit!

  6. Aw, thanks, ladies. I think authors, at least the ones that I know, are some of the most supportive people.

    Gale, if you ever need a nudge, you know where to find me. Better yet, you can join Rachel and I.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting today, ladies.

  7. What a great excerpt!
    Writer Wellness, A Writer's Path to Health and Creativity
    Who Dares Wins Publishing

  8. Rachel,
    thank you for sharing Riley with me. She is a new author to me. I am looking forward to learn more about Riley and her books..

    Kelly M