Monday, January 24, 2011

The Paranormal Post: Savannah’s Spectral Side

I'm in the author's spotlight at Rhonda Carver's blog today, please stop by and say "hey"! But before you go, the editor for the Paranormal Post has a big announcement!

Back in December I visited Savannah, Georgia to uncover the reason for the city's title, America's Most Haunted City. While I did manage to do a little fact finding, my biggest discovery occurred while having drinks at The Bayou Café on River Street. I was lured into the bar by the soulful voice of Thomas Claxton. I listened in amazement as the man played Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody on acoustic guitar and sang all of the vocal parts; in a word, amazing. But I digress.

During Mr. Claxton's break, I struck up a conversation with a beautiful woman sitting to my left. To my surprise, she was none other than Paige Stewart, the author of Crucifixion on Cumberland Island. Readers may remember my review of the true crime novel in October's issue; to say that I enjoyed the book would be the world's greatest understatement. Ms. Stewart revealed that she was taking a hiatus from both her position as investigative reporter for the Brunswick Sentinel and her writing career and spending time in Savannah and her childhood home on nearby St. Stewarts Island.

It took some convincing but I'm happy to announce that Paige Stewart has agreed to investigate the paranormal and historical lore of Savannah and the Georgia coastal areas she has called home. Her articles will appear weekly through February and March.

Once again, we at the Paranormal Post are thrilled to have Paige Stewart joining our team,

Welcome Aboard, Paige!

Clayton Moore


Thank you for announcing Paige's new assignment, Clayton! As the Paranormal Post's editor said, the accounts of Paige Stewart's experiences while researching the spooky side of Savannah and the Georgia Coastal areas will begin tomorrow and run through April. Paige's adventures will be featured here and will also travel to several other authors' blogs. Each week in the sidebar, I'll post the location and link so you won't miss an issue! From time to time copies of my romantic suspense, Ring of Lies will be up for grabs as well as some prizes that reflect the best of Savannah. Hope to see you there!



  1. Great interview, Rachel! I'll bet Savannah rivals New Orleans in terms of ghost stories and eccentric characters. Always good muses ;-) 2,000 words a day -- you go girl! I'm so impressed by your (ability to) schedule writing -- I'm still working on that for me!

  2. I hope this doesn't double post, but wanted to drop by and say how much I'm looking forward to Paige's reports on all things paranormal down there in Savannah. I anticipate goosebumps, laughter, and amazement.

    Denise Golinowski