Sunday, January 9, 2011

Too Much Info!

I've been kicking around an idea for a new story with free reads through my visits to other blogs so I'm a little bleary eyed this morning. (Yes, it was another up until 4 am night, er morning, er ... you know what I mean!) So I wake up this morning, (at the thoroughly uncivilized hour of 9am!), and find an email from my new friend, author Nicole Hadaway. She had nominated me for a Stylish Blogger Award! As you can imagine, I perked right up!

Now, before I play along and nominate 10 blogs and reveal 7 things about myself, (run for a cup of coffee now! You'll need a caffeine fix before the ugly truths start!), I have to say that if I could, I'd nominate Nicole's blog, The Dandridge Estate, right back. It is such a beautiful and evocative design and coordinates with her books perfectly; that's what I call stylish! I'm not going to rave too much about the Dandridge Twins' novels now, except to say, "think sibling vampire stories written with all the elegance of Dorothy Sayres or Elizabeth Peters". If you are intrigued, be sure to hang out here because Nicole will be stopping by January 21st.

Speaking of guests, I'm talking about The Wild Rose Press' Jewel of the Night series this week and Blood Diamond author, Riley Quinn will be dropping in on Wednesday, you don't want to miss it. Riley's posts, like her novels, are always adventurous and action packed!
The following week is a big line up of guests; Marissa Farrar, Tracey Jackson, and Nicole Hadaway. Wow, that's a lot of star power for one week :).

Ok, I've put off the inevitable long enough ... here's 7 things about me you probably never needed to know.
1. I've dyed my hair for so long my husband can't remember what the original color was.
2. I told my nine year old to get me a bullhorn for Christmas: indecisive drivers annoy me!
3. I love Spongebob!
4. Regency is my favorite time period to write about but I'd of preferred to live in the 1940's.
5. Old movie fanatic! (see preferred time period above)
6. If I were to win the lottery tomorrow my family would have to restrain me from spending it all on opening a no kill animal shelter: One can never have too many cats!! I love dogs too, but I only want one at a time.
7. I love to cook and try gourmet recipes ... but I rarely eat the results: I'm a picky eater!

Now for my nominations for Stylish Blogger: Check out who I follow because I'm sure I'll miss someone!
1. Gale Stanley
2. Maeve Greyson
3. Marissa Farrar
4. Riley Quinn
5. Write in the Shadows
6. Pen of the Dreamer
7. Terry's Place
8. Roses of Prose
9. Author Roast and Toast
10. Novel Natterings

Oh, my mother is visiting this weekend and, since she is always asking me who she should read next, I'm going to devote Sunday's post, (at least part of the Sunday post-I am terrible at committing :), to my top ten, (or maybe 20-there's that commitment issue again!), list of Not To Be Missed Books. Now, I'm not going to say that I've read all of these books and highly recommend them, (can't do that because if I were to read that much each week I'd never get anything done), but what I will say is I've seen promo/trailers, read excerpts, etc. and have them on my list of To Be Reads.

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