Monday, January 10, 2011

Blood Diamond

Blood Diamond has a special place in my heart; for two reasons.
One, I was there when it took its first steps, and two, its "mother", Riley Quinn, is the reason I managed to plot and write Ring of Lies.

Since Riley is visiting tomorrow I'm going to let her tell that particular tale and spend my time telling all of you what a great read Blood Diamond is, and, if I do my job correctly and stir your interest in Blood Diamond be sure to come back tomorrow because Riley is giving away a free download to one lucky reader ... will it be you? Maybe, if you leave a comment ;)

So, enough of that promo stuff, let's talk books! Blood Diamond is ...
Emotionally Charged
Timely ...
Ok, I'll stop :).

Here's the review I gave Blood Diamond on Amazon-I think it says it all!

Diamonds Aren't Always A Girl's Best Friend!

Jillian St. James, a doctor working with Doctors Without Borders in the Congo, becomes the unwitting accomplice in a diamond theft and learns the true definition of "blood diamonds".
An angry warlord sends Mack, a mercenary, to track Jillian down but nights in a steamy jungle with a beautiful doctor can do strange things to a man and Mack finds his commitment to the job wavering. The sex is explosive but can Mack trust Jillian?

Jillian could ask Mack the same question, but the middle of the Congo with a maniacal warlord on the rampage is probably not the best time to ponder the intricacies of a new relationship!

Divided loyalties, dangerous secrets, and deadly despots convene in the Congo and might give Jillian and Mack one heck of a story to tell the grand kids ... if they survive!

I highly recommend Blood Diamond. It is a fast paced, thrilling read filled with danger and desire amidst an exotic, tropical landscape. A perfect way to add some heat on a cold winter night!

Aren't ya just dyin' to read Blood Diamond?
Remember, Riley will be here tomorrow to share how Blood Diamond came into existence AND she'll be giving away a FREE copy!


  1. Fabulous idea for a blog series to highlight your fellow roses. Great karma!
    Liz Arnold
    Message to Love
    The Wild Rose Press

  2. LOL! I didn't do it for that reason but you're right. I think this series produced some awesome plot ideas and, when I get caught up on my own wip I'm definitely going to curl up with the lot of them! I've already bought LaVerne's book but when I arn out of "free" time I put the rest on hold.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I read Blood Diamond as soon as it came out. The maniacal warlord is one scary guy and Mack has his hands full protecting Jillian. A very good read! I'm working my way through the whole series, too. Awesome stories...mine releases tomorrow - Fifty-eight Faces...can't wait to see how it measures up to the rest! :)

  4. Hi Kat, I thought Fifty-eight faces was already out! When I grabbed the blurb off of TWRP website I must have missed the "coming soon". I talked about it yesterday on my blog, did you see? I am all into that neoNazi plot; super original! I'm also dying to read Cara's Murder, Mi Amore and Lazuli Moon--actually, I want to read them all! Flawless looks good, Dazzled looks hot ... gosh, I'm never going to get any writing done! Ya'll need to stop putting out these awesome books; they entice me back to my 'reader' days! I'd sit for hours and hours absorbed in a make believe world :).

  5. Aw, thanks everyone for the nice comments. And thank you, Rachel, for not only the awesome review but having me on your blog tomorrow.

  6. Great review, Rachel. I look forward to Riley's post tomorrow.

  7. Great spot Rachel. Hi Riley! I need another book to go with Rachel's so I'll be back tomorrow to win! Can I use my (last months') birthday again? No? Darn. Ok, luck of the draw. I'm in! This book sounds awesome.

    How are you faring with this weather Rachel? Should we be worried about you? Prayers and hugs girl.

  8. @ Calisa,
    I hesitate to say this but we are rather nice in Savannah: compared to the rest of Ga! No rain, no snow, not really even that cold (well, for Savannah it's cold but ...) 37-42 today; not bad.
    I figured you'd of already read Blood Diamond you're so quick and it's been out for a month!

  9. Hey Rachel, thanks for the shout out for Fifty-eight Faces. It's out now, I just checked TWRP website! I'm also adding all the Jewels to my reading collection. A great series!