Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back to Work

Congratulations Kelly M, I hope you love Riley Quinn's Blood Diamond as much as I did!

I've been blogging a lot lately, pretty sure I haven't missed a day since the new site went up! However, that has taken more time than I anticipated and ... I'm not getting any writing done!

The characters in my head are hollerin' that I've ignored them so I'm taking the weekend off to spend some 'quality' time with the spoiled bra--er, charming fictitious friends!
I've got a great line up of guests next week: Marissa Farrar, Tracey Jackson, and Nicole Hadaway!
I'm going to address the genre of Women's Fiction on Monday so if you read this genre please stop by and give me your thoughts. My experience with it is limited but I'm always looking for new reads!
I'm also going to talk about Historical Fiction. Tracey and Nicole both write in that genre though their time periods and styles are completely different! Historicals are one of my favorite genres and I've made a few observations about the state of the market ... looking forward to hearing what ya'll think!

I had a great time at the Author Roast and Toast Blog: if you didn't go, I missed you! Please check out this blog on Fridays -- it is always good for a laugh, or two, or three!!

Well, I'm chatting too much, again, and time's awastin'! I'm off to finish chapter 2 of Broken Chords -- when I left, my heroine, Tina, had just spilled a drink on herself and someone made a smart*ss remark; Not sure if Tina will flay her with words or laugh her butt off. Guess it depends on my, er her mood!

Cheers ya'll! Oh! I almost forgot, (yes, I know I'm supposed to be working! Don't nag!) My mother sent me a funny email a few days ago and since so many of my friends are snowed in I'm going to share it tomorrow; maybe it'll help!

Bye, for real this time :).

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