Monday, December 13, 2010

Searching for the Secret of the Spinning Dinnerware

Since the launch of my new website and blog last week I've tried to be consistent with my posts. Aside from racking my brain for topics worthy of distribution to the world wide web, Ring of Lies will be released on December 22nd which means I have spent inordinate amounts of time looking for ways to promote my book and it's Christmas time! (could somebody please tell my daughter her Mama doesn't need a daily update on the number of days left until Christmas? Rest assured that particular clock is pounding through my head.)

Scouring the Internet for promotional opportunities, keeping up with scheduled guest blogging commitments and offering to return the favor, striving to write something of interest on my blog everyday, and maintaining some type of presence on Facebook, Twitter, and the various e-mail loops and forums, (not mentioning all of the personal life commitments. Nope, not going there!), has raised a mental image of a guy on the Tonight Show racing around the stage struggling to keep a bunch of plates spinning on the tips of long, skinny poles.

Comparing myself to the plate balancing guy makes me wonder, how the heck do authors manage to write more than one book? I know it is possible. I see it with my own eyes! Yet, how they do this remains a mystery to me. Writing a book is a creative journey into a land of make believe. It's a solitary trip inside the author's mind and, at least for me, success is only attained by shutting off the "real world". But promoting a novel and building a reader base clearly requires contact with living, breathing humans. How then do authors juggle two groups of plates that spin in opposite directions?

If you're thinking I'm about to shed enlightenment please think again! I have no clue. I write out a daily "to do" list before going to bed every night. I arise, optimistic that everything will be accomplished and crossed off of the list by lunch time allowing me to divide the rest of my day between family obligations and writing my next book. So far, the numbers in the lower right hand corner of my computer screen have consistently read 2:00 am before the last item on the "to do" list is marked off-which means I never did get to those "afternoon" items :).

So, am I whining? No, (my husband says yes, but who listens to him?!), I'm not complaining. I'm grateful to even be in this position because I know what the alternative is!
I follow a lot of successful authors' blogs, tweets, and facebook pages-they don't seem to be surrounded by broken china so I'm asking: what is their secret?


  1. I'm struggling through the same right now, but I can tell you that there are some things that have to be sacrificed, unless you're wonder woman. Sacrifice, the super tidy house, the children will need to understand they can feed themselves on occassion, and the hubby will have to hang a lot more hats on his head. Then, shove the tv in a corner, the email in box will fill up and the social media will need to be handled on a time square. You can do this! JMO!!! Rachel Firasek

  2. Thanks Rach,
    You hit the ball out of the park with the husband and child; they are what is driving me crazy. While they acknowledge that I have a book coming out-in less than two weeks!- that doesn't seem to translate into, "I should amuse myself or It would be nice of me to find something edible!"
    I've given considerable thought to "bugging out" over the last few days! Better yet, I should pack their bags!