Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Magical Moon

Another late start today but for a once in a "blue moon" opportunity? I couldn't resist! I worked all evening and into the wee hours of the morning on Ring of Lies' book trailer. Interspersed with my incessant search for inexpensive images to portray Ivy and Dom's story were quick, (and I do mean quick-it was flippin' cold!), jaunts outside to watch the progress of the lunar eclipse.
The weather here in Savannah was perfect for viewing the moon's journey, albeit shockingly cold.
There is something magical about the moon at any time but during an eclipse that mystique is magnified a hundredfold. Adding to that mysterious and magical feeling was the sense that my daughter and I were the only two people on Earth-don't know about on Earth but we were certainly the only two fools outside at 2:00 am in our neighborhood!

Of course, watching the eclipse to its completion came at a price; don't fall into bed until 3:00am, don't get up until noon!

So, did you stay up and watch? Anyone get any good story ideas from it? I did :)

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