Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Congratulations ... and Questions

Before I ramble on in my usual fashion I want to shout a
"Congratulations, Maeve!"
across the world wide web.
Author, Maeve Greyson entered her Paranormal Romance, Eternity's Mark, in RT Book Reviews' "Writing With The Stars" contest. Maeve has made it to round 3! Only two more rounds to go. Let's all vote so Maeve can sail across that finish line!
*BTW: Maeve will be dropping by in the new year to tell us all about her new book, Beyond A Highland Whisper. Witches, brawny men, and Scotland; what's not to love?

In my constant quest for organization, (which would mean my return to some semblance of sanity!), I'm trying to come up with topics for each day of the week. Can't really report any progress, but I'm trying!

One of the topic ideas I'm toying with is a Question of the Day. I'm also looking at making the Question of the Day more of a group effort. I'm thinking of having some of my friends, both authors and the more, hmmm, shall I say "normal" friends. (Though I think the term normal is relative, I am, amazingly enough, aware that most of the population doesn't talk to imaginary people-at least not after taking their meds!)
I have a couple of ideas on how to make the quasi "round table" discussion work but for now I'd like to know if anyone actually wants to read what a bunch of women think! One topic I'd like to address is: Twitter or Facebook. Learning to promote my work over the Internet has led me to use both and I've formed definite opinions ... but I'm not sharing; yet.

We could also take suggestions for future topics and they wouldn't have to be book or publishing industry related. I should probably stop right here and explain ... er, confess, something about myself. I like to talk. I like to talk, a lot! I also am curious about how others view the world around us; probably what led me to writing :0)
Along those same lines I confess to wasting inordinate amounts of time reading the comments people leave on blogs and at the end of news articles; that dratted curiosity again!

So, what do you think? Does my "coffee klatch" appeal to you? What would you have us discuss? Want to kill some time, er ... participate?


  1. LOL! You're such a dynamo, Rachel, and I SO admire your energy. Thanks so much for the great shout out. I wouldn't have made it this far without friends like you.

    And I think your chat idea sounds awesome. It would be like your own virtual "The View" and you're just the hostess to pull it off.

  2. Funny you said the view because I don't watch it so it wasn't until very early this morning that my brain stumbled upon the realization that my idea was in fact very similar to "The View".
    Oh well, it won't be heated disussions or people storming off in a huff so ... we're not copy cats :)
    I don't want to be the only hostess though: we could pass it around for any who want one less day to find a blog topic (any that are chat participants anyway)- Eh, probably not making since , I'll expound later :)
    I'm supposed to be warming up the car so I can brave the Christmas crowds-wish me luck amongst the throng!

  3. You are a brave one. It's cold and windy in Philly and I'm very glad my shopping is all done - online. I don't usually watch TV during the day but I've seen the View and I love the whole concept of arguing (er, talking) about timely topics. Count me in.

  4. Cool Gale!
    As much as I love to "debate" I'm thinking for the sake of our "collective careers" we should stay clear of political or religious topics-anything blatantly divisive. At least that is what all the marketing classes tell me!
    One thing I'd like to discuss is the possible effects of romances on late teen/college aged women: I've had a theory on that for a while!
    Maybe what, if any, role romance genres play in society ... something like that!
    Of course we should probably debate the "pros and cons" of well built men in cover art too! For academic interest mind you ;)
    I'd love to "talk" with writers from other genres as well-see the writing process from their perspective.

  5. Count me in! I'd love to be a part of this - there's loads we could talk about. Writing processes, editing/editors, career dreams, how the industry is changing, favorite settings/characters...

    Will you run it from your blog here or set up a brand new one? Love Maeve's idea of The View type setting, LOL! (Avidly watching your progress with the RT contest, Maeve, amazing!).