Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bring on the Alpha Male!

I'm typing fast and furious this morning because my muse has been sending me ideas fast and furious: she woke me up at 7:00am (waaaay too early for this chick but under the circumstances I can't complain!).
Though I managed to add about 500 words to Broken Chords Monday, I have remained unable to find "that certain something" to get the words flowing onto the page. I couldn't figure out what was wrong so I frittered away yesterday morning doing other writing related chores while trying to convince myself not to give up on Broken Chords altogether.

I also had to push aside the insidious voice in my head that kept telling me "Ring of Lies is a fluke and you'll never do it again." Now that was one idea I desperately needed to shut down! Cooking always relaxes me so I spent the day puttering around the kitchen and then put some more promo ideas for Ring of Lies into action before answering a ton of neglected emails and getting ready for bed.
Now, I had spent the entire day avoiding any thoughts relating to my second chapter of Broken Chords. I refused to examine what was causing me to stumble over the first scene in my hero's point of view and, was this close to scrapping the whole idea- but then I took a shower. It is amazing what a little hot water can do to bring clarity! The pounding water and steam opened up more than my pores; it freed my muse!

I came to the startling realization that my trouble with chapter 2 was because I'd made my hero a wimp. Yes, you read correctly, I had somehow managed to write my up and coming, immensely talented, soon to be famous rock and roll guitarist, as a beta male! Now, I'm not saying beta male characters are bad or that they can't be heroes but, for me, they don't fly. I would, and in this case did, hold such an indecisive, passive man in contempt. My guy was too nice, too emotional, and much too ready to acquiesce to a managing female.
In a nutshell, there was no spark; I didn't like him. To finish that thought, if I didn't like him why would my readers? Answer, they probably wouldn't! So, my hero is going to find his backbone-he'll still be a little passive concerning one element in his life, (no, I'm not telling, you'll have to wait and read it :), but in every other way he will be ALL male. You know, the male of the species who sees what he wants and proceeds to take it. The male of the species who pursues his agenda with single minded determination and takes no prisoners. The male of the species who protects his mate with a ferocity worthy of a Bengal tiger defending his turf; that kind of man.
Tina, my heroine, had better watch her heart, Nick has been released and he is on the prowl!

So, I've pretty well shown you the traits I think are indicative of an Alpha male; care to share yours?


  1. Ooh, first to post in such a pretty new blog room! Really love the new colors sooo much. ;) And lurrrve the tiger!

    But, to business. My alphas seem tame at times too. The EMT-P I'm working on now is a beta in a lot of ways. But...he's no wimp. I love an alpha male who knows when to say uncle. When to throw in the towel and say, "I give. You win" to my heroine. In other words, if he can't learn to admit he's wrong, and say he's sorry for being a dumb a$$, I have no use for him.

  2. "...if he can't learn to admit he's wrong, and say he's sorry for being a dumb a$$, I have no use for him."
    LOL Calisa! I know what you mean, I don't like a stubborn man who won't bend but I only want him to bend with the woman he loves, not everyone he interacts with. I like a bit of self-assured type arrogance in a man; confidence I guess is what I mean.
    My hero will now have that confidence: before, he was a doormat!

  3. I have to agree with your definition of an Alpha Male. I'd add that he may be challenged by his mate's strength, but appreciate her strength as a match or flipside to his. In fact, it probably pissed him off big time in the beginning, striking the fun/necessary sparks IMHO. Yes, he defends her but also learns to recognize that she can defend herself when required and that he should back off/back down when appropriate. A true partnership not a dom/sub.

    P.S. I LOVE your website! 5 stars, baby!

    Denise Golinowski

  4. @ Denise
    I agree 100%: and as I commented on FB, that clash of strength is what makes the best conflict and sexual tension :)

  5. I love an alpha male, the kind that doesn't ask permission. But there is a fine line between alpha and a**hole so it can be tricky.

    Guess you don't need me to read through what you sent? LOL

  6. :) @ Riley
    I'd love your opinion but the second chapter won't start the way it did-I'm probably keeping some of the later bits on Chapter 2 and Chapter 1 has a couple of issues I might need to address now that my hero has found his inner alpha!
    I agree about the fine line. Confidence is one thing, supreme arrogance is another; I call those men a**holes too but I like to drag it out like Kevin Cline's character in A Fish Called Wanda-A** hoooooole :)!