Monday, December 6, 2010

Birthdays and New Leaves

I'm sooo excited, it's my new website's birthday! Please stop by and pay her a visit :) I wish I could take credit for her conception but that honor must go to Ms. Rae Monet and co. Creative, diligent, and hard working; all in all, an awesome company to work with.

Alas, I have been anything but diligent and hard working. I will hereby confess to the world that I spent the month of November ...LOAFING! There, I've admitted it, and acceptance is the first step to being cured, right?

I signed up for NanoWrimo. I filled in the pertinent information about the book I was going to work on, posted a synopsis, and updated my friends list. I even added twelve hundred words to the two thousand and something written before the start of Nano. That progress was made on November 1st. It was all down hill from there ... or so I thought!

I hit a minor snag in the opening of chapter two, and what should have been remedied with a quick walk around the neighborhood rapidly grew into a block that would dwarf Mt. Everest.
So bad was my muse's temper tantrum that I could not even blog! I wish I could say I've found a way to discipline my, er ... her bad behavior, but my mother taught me never to tell a lie.

December rolled around and with it came the knowledge that my very first book, Ring of Lies, would release in 22 days. That got me off my tail! I had done nothing to prepare for the release. No requests to guest blog, no plans to hold contests; nothing! Nothing that is but pay for a group ad in RT Magazine ... an ad that I haven't seen because I didn't have the foresight to subscribe to the magazine before the December issue came out! I should also mention that they are reviewing Ring of Lies, but again, I'm not even sure if it is in December's issue :(.

Yes, I well and truly screwed up, but I'm making up for lost time! I've secured an interview with The Romance Studio, (date to be announced :)), Ring of Lies will be featured in their Book-A-Day Giveaway on December 22nd, and I'm working on a blog tour with Savvy Authors. I also got a new website design, joined several reader's forums, and put a Ring of Lies "birth announcement" in my Christmas cards. See? I'm not slacking!

I'm turning over a new leaf. Well, at least I'm going to try ;). I'm planning to work on Broken Chords today and will try not to stop until chapter 2 is completed. I'm guessing that means a word count goal of around 1500K. Ya'll can help by keeping me accountable; the word count meter is to the right :)!

Of course, all of this writer's angst couldn't come at a worse time because, It's Christmas! And you know it is a safe bet I'm just as unprepared for the holidays as I was for Ring of Lies' release. I'm going to rectify the situation-starting Thursday. My daughter's home school Christmas Party is this coming Sunday and we are doing a cookie exchange. I'm going to make-well, I should say I have plans to make, gingersnap, snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, and oatmeal lace cookies. My plan is to mix up all the doughs then bake them in short spurts. I figure the kiddo can load the sheet pans while I'm writing and I'll put them into the oven. Of course, the danger here is that I will forget about them-I did make charcoal out of chicken nuggets once, during a marathon sprinting session!

The gingersnap cookies I'm making are featured in Ring of Lies as a specialty of the heroine's best friend, (and the heroine of Broken Chords :)), Tina. My heroine in Ring of Lies, Ivy, munches on them while contemplating the tangled mess her life has become-I'm thinking that tidbit made it into the book because I was munching on them while writing :)! Whatever the reason for their inclusion in Ring of Lies, they are an extremely tasty cookie-hey! I just had a thought. Perhaps Tina's Chewy Gingersnaps have magical properties? I mean, maybe the ginger, molasses, and allspice combination increases blood flow to the brain thereby promoting clarity of thought and increased typing speed?
Yeah well, it may be a weak hypothesis but since I'll probably eat copious amounts of the little devils while writing Broken Chords I'm sticking with my theory! And, just so I'm not alone in my excess- the recipe for Tina's Chewy Gingersnaps can be found on my website- on the Extras page. Come on now, don't make me binge alone ...

So, that is my plan to tackle the holidays and the completion of Broken Chords-break the tasks down into small, manageable bites :).
So, what about you? Do you have a plan of attack for this crazy time of year or is your motto, "plan? I don't need no stinkin' plan!"


  1. Love the new website and blog, Rachel! Here's my link if you'd like to add it:

    Great job on the new sites & best of luck to you with your upcoming release. I know it's going to be AWESOME!

  2. Happy website bday!

  3. Thanks ladies! I'll add your sites to my blog roll!

  4. The site looks great! Here's my links:

  5. Sweeeet! I love the photos in the banner - so Savannah. You have truly captured her heart!

  6. Thanks Jessica! Can't take credit though, Rae Monet listened to what I loved about Savannah and the coastal areas and did her magic. She is awesome!